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office autopilot membership sites first columnIn this article I’m going to show you how you can set up and run membership sites for fun and profits with Office Autopilot, now Ontraport.

In order to set up your Office Autopilot membership site you must be running a WordPress based website and already have an account with Ontraport.

Setting up your membership site is quick and easy, but you will need to be a member of Ontraport so if you are not already then be sure to click here to create your account.


Office Autopilot Membership Setup

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One of the many benefits that made me switch to Ontraport, formerly Office Autopilot, is the ability to really simplify my business. Automating email marketing, postcards, customer segmentation, lead tagging, and action-based marketing are all great and save me a ton of time. But, the biggest benefit was being able to manage all my membership websites inside one easy dashboard.

My old setup used WishList Member plugin and Aweber for email marketing so to create a new membership site I had to build out a full-blown site with WordPress and WishList member, and then create separate lists inside aweber for different customer levels, and then have unique customer profiles inside my shopping cart.

Sound like too many moving pieces? A bunch of different WordPress setups, lots of different membership levels each installed separately, and a bunch of email lists scattered around my autoresponder account with a different list for each membership level.

Way too complicated. There was little (or no) automation whatsoever and I found myself working IN my business rather than ON my business, and I just couldn’t avoid all that wasted time because these tasks had to be completed.

With Office Autopilot, now Ontraport the membership site set up is so much easier and simple to implement.

You can easily merge all your products onto one website without combining products, meaning you can have as many separate products (membership levels) as you want without having that many individual setups.

Also, merging customer data and purchase history has never been easier so you can tell in a single glance if customers had bought multiple products, and which ones.

There is no need to deal with all of these things separately anymore because automation in Ontraport is done for you. No more random support emails from 20 different companies just to get over one tiny hurdle, and best of all no more faulty membership software. With an Ontraport membership site your tribe will grow on autopilot, and if a member cancels no need for manual removal because Ontraport will do it for you.

Integrating Ontraport with WordPress is also really easy. All you have to do in order to create your Office Autopilot membership site is download PilotPress, a plugin created by Ontraport specifically to build membership sites inside WordPress.

Fundamentally, PilotPress will eliminate the need for WishList Member or other membership plugins that integrate with WordPress.

What is also great is that having all your offers under “one roof” gives you more free time to do the things you love, or to work on the bigger picture stuff for your business. If a customer buys multiple products from you the Office Autopilot membership system will automatically upgrade the user’s account with the necessary content, and keep all of their login information the same. This feature makes interacting with your business much easier for the user, and consequently much easier for you.

The Ontraport/Office Autopilot membership site feature is super powerful and worth taking a look at if you are a small business owner or if you have membership sites running already. I suggest you take advantage of the powerful sequencing features inside Ontraport’s membership site software.

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