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Ontraport Reviews

I decided to choose ONTRAPORT over Infusionsoft because the pricing was reasonable and the benefits were perfect for what I needed. Lead tagging and rule-based email marketing are great and the overall business automation is second to none. All in all, there are so many different Ontraport reviews, some of which give you the facts, where most others rehash the content on Ontraport’s website and spin it to sell you. I don’t want to “sell” you anything.

In this article you will find nothing of the sort. This review is UNIQUE because it’s done differently from the rest of the Ontraport reviews out there. In this article you will gain clarity on the Ontraport software suite because I know how many discussions, opinions, and confusions you might have researching the different automation platforms.

The problem that plagues most people is focusing  and researching the different software services out there which typically results in paralysis by analysis. Many entrepreneurs become paralyzed by the decision of choosing a CRM or ecommerce platform such as Ontraport.

Switching to Ontraport Review

Making the switch to a system like Ontraport isn’t an easy decision. Their service accounts start at $297/month, so I would not recommend Ontraport to everyone reading this post. If you’re simply looking for an autoresponder service then Aweber is a better place to start if you’re not ready for a beast like Ontraport.

You will know when you have outgrown your autoresponder because you will have limitations imposed on your account and a ceiling placed on your business. Also, many people looking into Ontraport are also researching Infusionsoft. I played around the idea of purchasing Infusionsoft just to take it for a test drive, but I never did because the “Kickstart Fee” is $2,000 non-refundable. Infusionsoft also carries a notorious reputation for being supremely complicated.

Office Autopilot vs Infusionsoft Review

While I have used the Infusionsoft software for clients, I notice that most people who actually love it are companies who have somebody on their team who is responsible for running it for them. Meaning, the people I know who love Infusionsoft don’t personally use it themselves. That’s a big decision-maker for me because I have no doubt I can figure it out on my own. But, the fact that there are all these people I know who love it but don’t personally use it, and many people who have tested it out and found it too confusing, that’s a big warning to me.

Why I Chose Ontraport

There are numerous reasons why I chose Ontraport but here are a few of the main ones:

  • Automated Rules: With Ontraport I can set virtually unlimited amount of automated actions to happen depending on certain actions a prospect (or existing customer/client/patient) takes. To give you a quick example, when someone purchases my flagship product the “Simple List System” I can add them to a buyers list, automatically removing them from the prospect list, and start sending them a whole new follow up sequence based on that switch. All of this happens automatically with Ontraport, and while that is a simplified example, once you see all the options your entrepreneurial engine will start revving with all the processes and automation sequences you can build in your business.
  • Client Database: My email subscriber list is now a full-out database with detailed statistics. Ontraport is a CRM service so I can pull anyone’s record and see their purchase history, how they have interacted with recent content, if they clicked the link in my email, and much more. Forget having to integrate 10 different softwares together just to see info about your tribe, with Ontraport you can do it ALL from one simple hub.
  • State of the Art Tracking: Ontraport will track everything for you. Ontraport will track what your visitors do on your website, if they visit certain pages, you can even add rules so that if they visit said page on your website they will automatically be added to a sequence designed to send them more information about the product or service offered on that page. Instilling systems like this can be the turning point for your business, and position you as a powerhouse in your market. Super powerful.

Ontraport Demo

There it is, I let it all hang out. I’ll more than likely make some followup articles or edit this one in the future, as well as some “how to” vidoes regarding Ontraport. I know that you’re curious about it. Plus, I realize how many people are fascinated with the different software platforms out there and which is right for them.

If you need a CRM solution, a more refined followup feature, and more sales & marketing automation, then check out Ontraport for yourself.


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