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What Is Ontraport’s CRM?

Welcome to this Ontraport CRM review post. Today we’re going to define what CRM means and help you understand why you will enjoy and benefit from it.

Now, there’s a good chance you already know that the abbreviation “CRM” stands for Customer Relationship Management. But what exactly does the term “customer relationship management” really mean?

What Is The Ontraport CRM?

Usually when people hear the letters CRM their mind goes straight to software or technology. But lest we forget it ALL starts with the customer/client/patient. And not just a single customer, client, or patient, but many as your business grows.

But, as savvy business owners know, before each of those people became customers they were prospects or leads. This customer was once a lead or a contact in your database, with stored personal information such as their name, email address, phone number, etc.

There are several different actions which had to occur for you to earn their business. Through these actions, such as phone conversations, meetings, emails, or even text messages, you often gather more information about them. And not only do you communicate with prospects through the aforementioned mediums, but you probably also communicate with someone (or multiple people) in other organizations that you deal with.

So having one convenient hub to store data about prospects, customers, clients, patients, suppliers, colleagues, and whoever else you deal with regularly is a huge time-saver. Who wants to sync 5-10 different pieces of software, communicate with 2-3 people, and then arrange all that data into your own company database?

This is what Ontraport’s CRM will solve.

Why Ontraport?

So not only do you have store all of this information somewhere, but you will have to worry about the accuracy of the different versions that different people might own.

what is ontraport crmBut with a tool like Ontraport you can automate and systematize the scaling of your business, and the communication between all these sources is already done-for-you.

Let’s talk about some of the benefits that the Ontraport CRM lays on the table. What can implementing Ontraport do for you?

While your company may not be automated by technology, you no doubt have some sort of system in place that guides your sales and marketing. Your marketing attracts new leads, and your sales converts prospects into customers, clients, or patients.

Now that you have customers you probably have a support system for them that will provide any help necessary, convert them to repeat buyers, and do a number of other tasks. This process is what the Ontraport CRM automates for you, using their easy web-based suite. This means there is nothing for you to download, and you (or your team) can access it from anywhere in the world.

But the customer is the center of focus. See Ontraport is about attracting and retaining customers, and included in that is everything that goes into sales and marketing.

With Ontraport you can choose from many different features. Want to send out postcards to all your new customers? Ontraport has got you covered.

Want to generate new leads, turn them systematically into customers, and have a convenient all-in-one hub where you can see their exact actions ever since they first entered your sales funnel?

Ontraport has got you covered.

This technology will support you in automating your process.

I highly suggest you get your FREE Ontraport demo today and take it for a test drive because you have absolutely nothing to risk!


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